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The importance of unicode support in nodeJS for dev team environments (A tale of Woe)

Posted: 12:39pm 31st Mar 2015

We've been making use of the angular-gettext module to provide translation functionality on angular sites recently. It works quite nicely, giving a simple <translate> directive which can be used in templates to indicate strings for translation.

How do you solve a problem like grunt packaging?

Posted: 7:27pm 4th Jul 2014
  • Big projects using grunt can end up with long and hard to read gruntfiles
  • When working on multiple similar projects, grunt task config and alias tasks are often repeated
  • How do we package these files to make them self-contained with dependencies and versioning?
  • There's a bunch of contrib options with pros/cons, but in the end I went with a basic self-written grunt plugin using grunt.config.merge()